Dirty Glass

My neighborhood is fairly forested. Tall well established trees inhabit every yard and there is a sort of culver that runs behind many of the houses that is thick with oak and maple. The trees tower above the houses, hugging in our dead end road, giving a cozy feeling of retreat even though we are... Continue Reading →

Light & Shadow

So many things I want to say today! First: Happy Father’s day! I have been so blessed with both an amazing dad and husband. I know it’s not everyone's story, but when a dad does it right it blesses his family for generations. I’m so thankful for these two men and my grandad’s before them.... Continue Reading →

Developing Compassion

Gabe sat with his feet up in the recliner, laptop propped on his knees, listening to Paul Baloche talk about developing compassion for the people in your congregation. I sat on the couch nearby, laptop also propped on my knees, listening in on what I would have missed if we weren’t all “quarantined.”  It was... Continue Reading →

Father & Son

I stood next to his crib watching him sleep. I couldn’t take my eyes off my first born. The physical ache of love for this small child was something entirely new to me. Something deep and powerful and eternal. Before he had run to me or run from me. Before he had kissed my cheek... Continue Reading →


Last week I wrote about planting the right things in our own hearts… mostly because I needed the reminder! 😄 And the idea has really stuck with me all week. With the end of quarantine “in sight”🤞I’ve been wondering if I’ll feel like I’m blooming back into the world, or like I’m slithering out from... Continue Reading →


Suddenly the words were out there, spewed from my mouth, sarcasm dripping. I cringed, tried to back pedal, rephrase in a better tone. But the damage was done. I patched it up a little with an apology, but oh to go back and bite my tongue.  “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything... Continue Reading →


Thursday evening I was talking with a friend and our conversation went something like this… Friend - “I can’t seem to stop thinking about big scary world events” Me - “I know! It’s really hard not to worry about big scary world events” Friend - “I feel helpless.” Me - “Me too, I don’t know... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Advice

I had a classic mom moment this past week. I had allowed my oldest to ride his bike to a nearby friend's house, and now his younger sister was distraught at the injustice. The privileges he received somehow made her life miserable. The only way to make it right was to magically fast forward her... Continue Reading →

The Land of Silence

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has been my hardest week of “quarantine" yet. I feel strangely lonely in a house full of my favorite people. I feel stifled, always having to communicate through a device. I feel frustrated with myself for being so irritable when I know things could be so much... Continue Reading →

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